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Manufacturer and service provider of all types of elevators.

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We have enthusiastic team which has experience of designing and installing more than 150 various types of elevators

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Create the look and feel of your elevator just the way you always imagined it. We provide space configurability and freedom of design.

About Vedam Elevator

Vedam Elevator is Pune based elevator company.We design, manufacture and deliver best in class quality elevators and provides reliable services. Vedam elevators is an independent business specializing in lift and elevators maintenance,repair, modernization and new installation.

Our services are structured to cover the whole life span of lift or elevators. At Vedam we continuously improve our processes, deliver in ever customers values and business results. Vedam is known for understanding needs and for creating positive customer experiences.

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Elevators With Machine Room

In case of Traction elevators machine rooms are typically located on uppermost

floor op of the hoistway where inc case of hydralic machine room is usually located on the

bottom floor. Normal traction elevators, machine room less elevators uses the

conventional steel cord ropes used as the hoisting cables.Advantage of Machine Room

elevators is less cost as compared to MRL and easiness of maintenance.

Machine room less elevators

Machine room less elevators do not have a fixed machine room on the top of the

hoistway, instead the traction hoisting machine is installed either on the top side wall of

the hoistway or on the bottom of the hoistway. This design eliminates the need of a

fixed machine room and thus saves much building's space. Almost all the traction MRL

elevators are gearless traction

Lift Type

Residential Lift

External and internal for existing old buildings and new constructions

Hospital Lift

Strature and extra load capacity elevators

Office Lift

Single or multiple synchronized smart elevators

Goods Lift

Over sized and high capacity elevators

Bungalow Lift

Customized and modern external/internal elevators

Cabinate Type

Door Type

Ceiling Type


  • Space Configurability

  • Freedom Of Desing

  • Standard Controls

    • Automatic push/touch button control pannel

    • Digital floor indicators

  • Safety Features

    • ARD System

    • Safety break system

    • Car door and Hall door safety

    • Emmergency stop and alarm

  • Warranty

    • 1 year standard warranty

  • Electrical feeting

    • ISO legrand

    • LED lighting


LANDING G+1 to G+7
CABIN Square/Rectangular
INSTALLATION Internal/External
CABIN OPENING Single/Multiple
LOAD CAPACITY 2–12 person
DOOR OPENING Swing/Auto/Collapsible
Motor Gearless/ Geared